Green Bangladesh forever

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Hello, Steemians how are you all? I think all are you okay. And i am also good.
Again, i come here with new post 'Green Bangladesh forever' for you.

Let's see some photos and then i'll talk about it.
Shaomi red mi 4A

Shaomi red mi 4A

Shaomi red mi 4A

Photos of paddy field which are so green.Everywhere is green and green. Our national flag is also green.Flag contains two of color one is red another is green. The people of Bangladesh have achieved a lot of hardships and green country.For this reason green is mixed with the nature of Bangladesh as well as the people of this country are mixed with the mind.

I love my green country and i think my steemit friend also do. I am sure people of our country is also like and love my green country and they will do that forever as well as me too.....

No more today, will see you again with a new post another time.
Please keep helping me.
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Beautiful paddy field and natural flower. Is it your village field photo. Very good post. Thanks fot sharing .


Thank you too
and ofcourse these photo are my village field's photo
thanks for comment