Travel photo archives: Kennecott Copper, Alaska Part…3 sorry about that. There were a few more photos!

A few more photos from around Kennecott—thought we were done sharing these then I spotted a few more in the archive that probably should have made it to the last post!

The abandoned town of Kennecott is a few miles out of McCarthy (population 28), which itself is a mile from the the end of a 60 mile dirt road, so it really does feel like the middle of nowhere.

There is a pedestrian bridge across the Kennecott River at the end of the McCarthy road, so from there you park your car and can walk the last mile into McCarthy, and walk to the ghost town of Kennecott. There's also a shuttle service, but we're not good at being on time and enjoy walking so we never tried it.


It is this remoteness that has meant this ghost town has stayed so intact over the years.





While all of the above are photos of Kennecott, this is one of the historical buildings in the town of McCarthy:

This town has its own historical significance, probably best known for an unfortunate incident in 1983, when 6 of the town's 22 residents were killed in a brutal shooting spree. Today it is more of a pleasant tourist spot and a welcoming gateway to the Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve.

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