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RE: Do you need to listen to someone other than yourself?

in #photography4 years ago

You are awesome 👧

I always say no matter how much we love one another or our family
We come into this world by ourselves and will exit the same way leaving our fate to the powers of the universe

No matter what faith or religion one comes from
I urge people to seek things out for themselves don't die believing what someone else believed or taught
Seek out the path specifically designed for each individual
Your betting your eternity on it

I believe we all have a piece of this puzzle called life that identifies us separately and yet needs to be shared

Anyway I have to start following you more
You seem incredible and talented

Want to marry an old azz man. Lol


Very thought provoking post

May I add this
People seem controlled by (they)

  1. they gonna see you
  2. they gonna get you
    3)they don't like that
  3. they going to laugh at you
    And so on and on and on

My question to all is ???

Who are they???

And why do you care ????

Awesome post

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