Fire Hydrant Water Flow Photography

in photography •  2 years ago

In Buffalo they Put Out Two "Safety" Cones And Let This Hydrant Leak

These are likely the best fire hydrant pictures I will ever take. Hope you enjoy!





Any photographers with tips are very welcome to comment below. I think I have the creativity to be a good photographer, but lack a real knowledge of lighting, shutter speed aperture etc. But I enjoy learning and trying some different manual settings and filters.

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That moon in the background of the 3rd picture is outstanding! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! I didn't know if the lights from the street would keep the moon from being seen, but I had a lot of un taking that photo. And while I was taking it there were a lot of emergency vehicles that went by. It was an interesting unplanned photoshoot, but I decided to always keep a camera in my car in case I see something cool like this.

excellent photographs, congratulations


Thank you! I wish I knew more about angles and lighting, but I think they came out pretty well with the settings I used. I will likely be getting a book on photography from the library to try to improve my skills and understand cameras in general. Looking to move past the point and shoot phase and go above and beyond. Even though point and shoot gives pretty good photos.

Really fantastic work! The fourth one looks more like it's frozen ice to me.


I used a special black and white filter my camera has with the flash on and I agree (with buffalo weather, this is something that is possible). We are known for cold temperatures and my neice was actually born in a fire station due to there being 5 foot snow drifts even though my sister only lives a mile from the hospital she would have delivered at.