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I Brushed Aside The Nights Sleep ..

While putting my first foot forward into the new day. Fading thoughts and fragments of dreams glitter my mind. It’s as if they were carelessly drempt and set aside to be merely forgotten, in their entirety. I rise and begin repeating the motions and emotions left over from yesterday. The rest is a blur of percolation and small spills of coffee. When my mind finally emerges from its self-made cocoon, I realize that my feet are damp and cold and the place that I came from is in the foggy distance. I have come full circle form something, and along to somewhere. The early light eases my troubled mind in a way that only the first rays of sun can understand. I watch it creep ever so slowly upward above the uneven horizon. Along the way it burns through the beautiful hazy fog that blurs my eyes and muffles the unconcerning noise around me. It’s beginning to warm, my feet are drying, someone is calling my name and I am out of coffee. The day is beautiful and I am ready to embrace her. Good Morning.


I felt like writing a little something ..

To keep the writing juices flowing. It’s been quite some time since I did a little creative writing. Regardless of whether its any good or not, I like the way it makes me feel. Almost like I get something off of my chest. It helped free my mind and ease the tension of the day. I guess one could say that it’s FUN.

This particular piece ..

Was written in a free flow kind of method. I took a picture on a recent visit to my cousins house in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I was out in the yard long before anyone was awaken by the morning sun. Of course the pup’s were up and with me, along with a fresh cup of coffee in hand. I had awaken in good spirits and was feeling good. I took a long look around myself, examining this new environment that lurked close by. I mumbled to myself, “How freaking beautiful is this”. I snapped a quick photo into the distance, in order to remember being here and to capture a memory to remind myself what that moment meant to me. I was just beginning to feel the heat of the sun beaming through the fog, when I heard my cousin call out my name. I was truly out of coffee and had no other choice but to head in for more. The world was waking up around me. How could I not write about that? I’m glad I did. Hope you enjoyed this rather small glimpse into my life.

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Nice colors:)

Better in person, but you get the idea.. :-)

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