Walking TILLAMOOK! TRAVELERS JOURNAL EP#067 w/ @bambam808 & @brandybb !!

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As you have probably guessed by now, WE LOVE the TILLAMOOK REGION! It has it all, mountains valleys, rivers, sun, fish, FUN!
We are really giving away all out secret spots to you guys and gals!
This is another secret spot located just seconds off the Highway. It is equipped with a rope swing, a deep pool to float, rapids to swim against, and a perfect sandy beach area! and the BEST part? NOBODY is EVERY THERE!
Now dont get me wrong its everyones forest, but I am not a big fan when people come and make themselves comfortable right next to you on the river. Look folks, this aint CALIFORNIA where we fit 1000000000000 People into a tiny beach. The rivers are long and far, so find your OWN spot :D !
Anyways I digress. Tillamook is a place where we spend most of our days. Relaxing by the water with our trusty PLUTO runing like a maniac up and down.!
PS An update on PLUTO, he has officially swam like a big boy! and his current stats are AGE: (1 week short of 6 months) Weight: 40ish? yeah he is a big boy...
Make sure to give @steemitoutdoors a follow, as there are some big projects ramping up!

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very good I also really like to relax by the beach, the river bank, karna can pamper the eyes clear the mind make us calm with the air cool and clean

your really love you dog!PLUTO is very lucky :-)