A wild POKEmon?! TRAVELERS JOURNAL EP#067 w/ @bambam808 & @brandybb !!

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Pluto is full of fun and surprises :) He has of course made our lives much more enjoyable. Even though we are in a constant "battle" to train him etc as he is not the easiest breed to train due to energy level etc.
The adventures continue! Lets jump in on a little closeup of the model of the century... PLUTO! haha. Yeah we are probably one of those dog people...
He has found a new love in his life... and they are sticks. Im sure all dogs are like this. But he seems to have taken it to a new level. carrying one with him almost always. We of course have many other toys for him, but this is his preference. He eats them when he is done with them... and finds another stick target on our walks!
Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Travelers Journal with @bambam808 and @brandybb !
Please give @steemitoutdoors a follow as there are big things coming soon! <3 take care!

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you really love your dog :-)