Google eartVs real Traveling through the municipality of Montes-Cumanacoa Venezuela with Google eart references.

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Photograph landscape of mountains and river belonging to Cumanacoa state sucre - Venezuela, this natural landscape is denoted by presenting warm and calm rivers, they are quite comfortable to spend a good day, I currently have no idea how they should be since this photo was taken in a day of walking through my town.


Google Eart GPS Position: 10 ° 14'31.93 "N - 63 ° 56'25.85" W

This other image is of a stone that was exploded by fire.


This image was taken in the town of Cocollar state sucre Venezuela.

In this photo I took from a house near the mountain, the only problem was that I took this and left my vehicle LOL.

The mountains that are in the background, are intended for planting and raising animals (cows, bulls, donkeys, goats), this is a quite comfortable and cold climate field.



10 ° 10'32.84 "N- 63 ° 49'40.85" W

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The images are taken with samsung galaxy beam. - Google eart satellite images.

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