Beautiful Flowers Photography by me | Album 14

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Hey Everyone ! Hope so everyone doing well .
i am zubair khan from Pakistan and everyone know i am student and last month i start natural photography and share with all my steemit followers and friends . i join steemit since 10 months ago . in starting i dnt know how we work on steemit but slowly slowly i can understand all steemit rules and tips .

Steemit is a best platform for sharing real contents and stories all around the world . steemit tags make you post most creative according to your story . i am happy with steemit but upset when someone make a good and real post and steemit d'nt support on his/her article .

Yesterday i travel a special place in Islamabad . and capture some flowers . i daily post new flowers for my all friends and flowers . hope so everyone like these flowers and natural beauty .

if no one support me i still buying upvotes from bots . :(

Here is the first Picture of my Photography album .

My Album Photo 1


My Album Photo 2


My Album Photo 3


My Album Photo 4


My Album Photo 5


I capture White flowers with no applying filter .

Hope so everyone like these clicks . i love all flowers i capture professionally when i buy a new DSL cam with Best lens .

if you have some natural photography pics then share with me i will add in my next post .

I think everyone like flowers if you have any flowers pic then must share in this post comment . a lot of people know about what is photography i am new in this way so please give me suggestion feel free thanks a lot everyone for supporting me . love you all


Thank you ! @askquestion

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It's amazing to see that steemians everyday are trying to attain perfection in creativity on #STEEMIT..weldone and keep the flag flying....zubair Khan.... I have always loved pictures of flowers.... I am looking for rare flower species though


Thanks bro .

Bro hum apko support karty hai or humy bhot acha lagta ha jab aisa kuch dakny ko milta hai


G q nai


Kya ap meri help kr skty hen?


G poche


Kya ap bta skty hen k Pakistan ma SBD kesy withdraw krty hen?


Thanks bhai

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Excellent photography Zubair khan. Rose flowers look so beautiful.


Thanks bhai

Good say about steemit bro... Really yours photography amazing bro... Superb


Thanks bro .

Hi @askquestion, ma b Pakistan se hn and recently steemit join kiya. Mjy bht khushi hoi k hmari country k log b yaha bht acha kam krty hen. Mjy apse help chahye plz reply me


Ji aapko kia help chahye ?? kindly ap Gmail pe contact kar leyn ( [email protected] )

I see you and me share a few of the same passion for first my camera and secondly flowers.

Roses are always beautiful.

nice pics! thanks for sharing! I agree that there are a lot of underappreciated quality posts. I'm still new to steemit. hope you can share some of the tips you've learned. :)

Great post; thanks for sharing. Beautiful pic. Followed!
I have recently created my blog, I invite you to check my posts! Thx

Hi @askquestion. I share your annoyance when I also see the injustice that some posts of excellent content go unnoticed and do not receive the deserved reward, but I believe that this situation will gradually change, or at least, I hope so. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I love roses.

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Hey genius are you?your updating photography is looking so so so beautiful. I am blessed for your creativity.carry on boss always beside you.i hope you always beside me.thank you

Nice Album. Beautifull Rose.

Beautiful Flowers, it a great profession keep it up

And where are the yellow flowers?

i have the same roses in my garden


here is a shot i took of a flower i saw in my school


Beautiful series, the last one focused on the background.


It looks so good the rose that seems to lie, what a good take, congratulations