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setting; xiaomi mi6 - f1,8 - focal length 3,82 - exposure 1/1.961

Sometimes we imagine to be lost on an island. Even if it's scary. Everyone sometimes thinks how this is going to happen. But, believe me, you will not want the same for this island. :) unfortunately. This is an island full of thorn s. When we came to this island with Mustafa, I was very excited about the way back. My husband passed through this island a few times. swimming is really tiring. hot head turning. Nevertheless, I wanted to experience this adventure with him. I am very sorry now :) If you visit İzmir one day, stay away from this island. I think the rate was cursed! :D
photo taken with mobile phone. We could not get a picture machine because we came here by swimming. I hope you like it :)

Ben Ceren ,

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Wow very wonderful photography my best friend. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing this information

Nice colours combination. Please visit my blog and Upvote me also


thank you. I will visit the page!

Hello @artizm sir how are you.very wonderful photography. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.


thank you so much my friend :)

Vay reyiz vay.
Tahmini kaç metre yüzdünüz, ben 200-300 metre yüzünce ayağıma kramp giriyor.


dgfsahgdfahs baya fazla. zordu

Ooh swimming to an island.

Great photo, I like the shallow depth of field you managed to get from a cell phone photo.


thank you so much dear friend :)

You must be a good swimmer, to get to the island. That would feel like being stranded. Not only do you get the feeling of being stranded, but the plants do not help. It looks like our Thistle. A nasty thing with thorns that are hard to remove. Sounds like quite the adventure you had. Cheers to the day NOT on an island of nasty plants ( :
PS. I never thought of the problem of swimming with the camera. That does make it very hard.


ah yes it would be really hard to swim with the machine. I risked the phone. with a beautiful protective case!
It is very enjoyable to see the comment. Thank you my dear friend.

Well at least you made a beautiful photo :-)

You swam there!! I love it. It does look barren, but that is an experience you will own forever and can tell the baby this story some day!


Oh yes. I'm so excited to tell my baby this story! thank you so much :=)

Amazing photography... love the colours

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