Colorchallenge - Photography at my local vineyard

#colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra, and todays theme is Green, so lets talk about one of the jobs I do.
You know that lovely bottle of wine you drink on your romantic date, or even just by yourself contemplating existence? Well chances are I didn't have anything to do with that bottle, unless you are getting ones from select winerys in NY state!
However I do know the process in which it works, as I have been working on vineyards for 3 years now.

Currently we are in the tucking stage of the plants, which is when the shoots are getting too big and need to be tucked in between the wires to make harvesting them easier. Once they are tucked, then the tendrils will attach themselves to the wires and have more support. the next step is leaf plucking, where we try to clear the areas where the grapes are growing to allow them more direct sun access.

heres some green for you!



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