30 Day Black & White Photo Challenge Day 10

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The striking Lettered Habrosyne Scripta or Scribe Moth is found in the United States and southern parts of Canada. This medium sized moth lives primarily in Vancouver Island, the southern Appalachians, Ozarks and Rocky Mountains, Arizona, Mississippi and North Carolina.

The nocturnal Lettered Habrosyne has a wingspan of 3.0-3.9 cm. The adult moth flies from May to August, and the larvae feed on black and purple raspberry. There are two generations per year.

Captured with my Sony a330. Entry for photo contest hosted by @juliank

I appreciate your support :)

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@arbitrarykitten How did you keep the Moth from flying away in the picture when you were signing your signature ??


Woah. That thing is freaking huge. I don't know how I feel about it yet...


Interesting and striking black and white photographic shot. Excuse the question, but by chance you know if this type of Scribe moth feeds on wood? Are they destructive, harmful or harmless to homes and children?


Thank you!

I'm not sure what the adults eat. I couldn't find much- we really do not know too much about moths.

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