Chicago Part 7: The Conclusion

in photography •  2 years ago

I told you this would be a long series! But alas, all good things must come to an end. Today I will conclude my series on Chicago, with a few pictures on the last day, before I had to catch my flight.

Haven't been following along? Check out the rest of the series first!

With an afternoon flight, I had just enough time in the morning to stop for lunch before heading out via train to the O'Hare airport. So, the day before, I picked out a diner I wanted to check out for lunch, and then went to sleep.

Surprise surprise, I woke up groggy, to the sound of beating drums and trumpets. Whaaaaaat? Well, it turns out, the last day there happened to correspond with the Chicago Memorial Day Parade. So, on the way to lunch, I got to walk past some cool parade attractions!

What's that from the window?

Waking up to the trumpets certainly made for an interesting -- and confusing -- morning. Out from my hotel's window, I could see the parade passing by. Wanting to check it out up close, I quickly grabbed my stuff, checked out, and headed down!

The Parade

The Parade was marching through downtown, which was rather convenient -- as I was walking to my next stop, I got to watch the floats, marches, and the like all pass by. It was a very cool parade! If you want to check out a video of it, I found this one online.

Chicago Style

Even with the parade going on, Chicago's streets were as lively as usual. For some reason, this picture of musicians playing in the streets really gave me a feel, and vibe, of Chicago that stuck with me.

American Diner

Coming highly recommended when googling diner's, I decided to journey back in the direction of the Chicago Zoo, to Eleven Lincoln Park. This diner appealed to me as the style was 'old american', something you commonly see in TV shows, but not something I ever saw back home!

The diner was completely empty for lunch (thanks to the parade, I suppose), so I had the whole place to myself.

The Food

I'll be honest, I'm not an expert in food. I like the taste of things and stuff. And as you know, my photography style doesn't usually (ahem, ever) involve food. But the sandwich was just too cute to not take a photo! Maybe I should start a food sub-blog?

In addition to a great roast beef and turkey sandwich, I got myself some of their in-house light Root Beer. It was AMAZING! I'm used to A&W Root Beer, and usually don't like any other kind, but it was a pleasant surprise to try their soda.

Back we go

Now done visiting Chicago, I snapped one final, fitting picture of this station name as I headed back to California to finish up my internship. Yes, train station, that will indeed be my destination, I only wish it were that simple to travel to. :)

That's it for the Chicago Series! Hope you all enjoyed it! Where will I go off to next? Well, stay tuned to find out!

For those of you interested: The camera this time was an HTC 10. I had my real camera packed up!

Click an image to enlarge! They are, of course, down-sampled from my original copies; we can chat if you're interested in any full quality versions. As always, these are my original photos, and I maintain the copyright.

Don't forget to if you like my blog, I like to post picture stories!

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Looks like a nice place. I need to go back and check out all series I can not believe i have missed them ;)

Great! Most of the time I can only see from the top (universe)

The Martian


@themartoan how are you? I hope to you fine. I like too this picture. I am @penasantri from madura

I love it! I won't be returning to my home city for quite a while (as I'm now living abroad) but this is wonderful to see :) Ahh, I hope everyone enjoys themselves at Lolla this year!


@avilsd i like too this photography

This honestly makes me jealous, great job man keep it up!!! The american diner looks pretty nice ,but i never heard of it.


Thanks :D


@anyx Awesome shots! thank you for sharing and being an inspiration to other photographer/Steemians!

Chicago is such an amazing city and you've captured it beautifully! Will be reading the rest of your series. Upvoted and followed :)

Great town. I love the architecture, especially the corncob towers!

Love the pictures! Your blog is great! The whole Chicago series actually!! :) I would love to visit someday! Upvoted!! Have a great day! :)

Love that city

I loved Chicago when I went for almost three weeks, I had a wonderful time there. Great post! Brings back the memories.

Excellent work @anyx ! Thank you for the great photos and story! My best wishes to you!


How beautifull picture @olga.masliviesh

The river looks really green! Did you visit on St. Patrick's day when they dye it?


Hah! Must be the early morning light, with the sunrise glow :)


You'll definitely have to go back to visit when it's St. Patty's then... the river is amazing and the bars are crazy during that time!


Whaat, I thought you were kidding but I just looked it up, they actually dye it. That's awesome! I'll definitely have to go back to see it :)

Great read! 😀 Upvoted and followed! I'll definitely have to go back and read your previous post now!

chicago, chicago, my beloved chicago. thanks for nice pictures, they are so lovely

This has been na great series. I've never been to Chicago but I've really enjoyed reading and looking at the photos!

@anyx that great roast beef and turkey sandwich looks incredible. I bet you were full after it! Can you recommend going to that place again?


It was incredible, and ridiculously large! :D Definitely a place I'd recommend, I'd go back just for the root beer in a heartbeat!



chicago..hmmm...nice, neat and cosmopolitan. a must see/visit for those who love urban setting...your post is an eye opening for some of us who are yet to visit such a nice location in the new here and will surely take out time today to read all other seasons and shall follow you...hope you do same...regards and continue the good work...

Wow, Chicago looks so nice thanks to your great blog & photography. Adding it to my list of places to visit for sure!

Hey there, Chicago guy, love the pictures you took. I've recently developed a bit of an interest in photography and have been spending some time traveling around the city taking pictures and working on my photography skills.

I havn't sprung for a DSLR yet but picked up a used Sony RX100 and also have my LG V20 camera phone. Your pictures really inspired me to get out there and start photographing this great city I'm fortunate enough to live in.

i like Chicago too and enjoyed your post -- i will go through and read them all now -- i decided to follow you and upvote cause it is good content too

Love this series! Our son is a jazz musician "living the dream" in Chicago, playing upright bass in several different bands.


That's awesome! :O

American dinner's are top class ! Nice feed !

I have spent a part of my life in Windy City...missing Michigan street, Linkin Park, Millenium Park, Pizzas, lake etc. everthing is perfect except winters:)

this is such an amazing picture story. I love travelling n would love to visit Chicago someday. Looking forward for ur next story.
Following n upvoted u.
would love to be followed back. Have a good day :)

An amazing and interesting story. I thank you for sharing this story with us.
I wish you happiness and luck,
Health, long, bright years,
And with ease to any task
Brilliant find the answer.

To reach the top of the career,
And in your personal life to succeed,
Serve friends around the example,
And look with optimism into the distance.

wow, what a beautiful city with great cultures...I love the parade and would love to visit tnext time...great story too @anyx..keep up the good work

I never had the chance to be on that side of the pond yet, something I would really love to do tho. The architecture makes us feel so tiny.

Maybe nxt year me And my wife wil visit their. Upvote and follow you @anyx

you are doing so well and I really read the 7 parts and already & really liked them all.
please keep up this amazing work.
had around also in your profile and liked your posts.
now I follow you and became a new fan of you.

what an awesome trip you had, I hope you enjoyed it :) and Im following you!

Great read, snuggled here in Aus on a wet winter day; this is just what I needed

Great series. I never been in Us, but when i will, i am definitely visiting Chicago. So much history. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Chicago, a wonderful city, is a place I really want to meet one day.

Headed to Chicago in late July for the first time....thanks for the read.

Nice post! I've always wanted to go to Chicago, heard the photography scene is amazing. Might need to give it a go next year :)

Nice photos, Chicago looks like such a nice city to go and visit. I hope I can get a chance to tour through some of the great American cities before I get too old one day.

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Loved the pictures.... Travel hard travel safe..... Travelling is life :)

Nice post @anyx ,nice to meet you !

I've just upvoted you & followed on Steemit , please be kind enough to follow me ( @braveheart22 ) as well.

Let's do big this community !

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Thank you !


Chicago is such a beautiful city. I always love visiting even if it's just for a day :)

Beautiful photos, I also want to take is as you

Amazing pictures .........I am following you now.

A worthy post! Thank you

This is really beautiful. I love it.

extensive coverage :)

Followed Back and Resteemed!

amazing photos :)

THis is great ! Reminds me of home

Please guys I need 100 votes to convert my group of 20000 people into steemit group and allow all people share theire posts there :

Great photos, and makes you feel like you are experiencing the city live with all it's great offerings. Looking forward to your next destination series.

Looking at Chicago through your lens eye is like living there again. Thanks for rekindling my memories of the pleasant time I spent there. Would love to see more of your work. Am following you. Please feel free to follow me if you would like to see some wildlife pics with an interesting twist such as and share your views on them. Please upvote the ones your like. Guidance from experts like you will really help me improve content and perhaps my photography! :-)

Now I have to read the previous hahaha.

Excellent Post

Nice shots! I was just there this weekend, Chicago Jazz Fest was cool.

This is really cool, nice post!

deserve upvote and friend..

Love the photo series! Dying to travel to Chi Town, this helps tame the travel bug for now 😁

Awesome! I grew up one station from that California stop (Logan Square). Living in Thailand now, this made me homesick

What did you like the most in Chicago? In 2 weeks its my turn to travel to Chicago :)

Good job, i like the photos and a good hotel choice ;-)

Wonderful how you captured this!

@anyx You should write a book of these fascinating stories

A fun town. Thanks for posting. Here is my picture of the corn-cobs (Marina Towers) from 2010.

CSC_0062 (1).JPG
![CSC_0062 (1).JPG]

You can spend days just photographing the architecture in Chi-Town, beautiful place to visit.

My kind of town.... Chicago ;)

Great post. Must be a wonderful city!

Its awesome place. Resteemed

Very nice pics on this one :)

Awesome story telling!
I have only been on steemit for 4 days and there is so much here!
Thanks you for sharing.

OMG the food in Chicago is so good. Portillos beef sandwich is calling my name!

I'm actually moving to chicago end of July from New york... I hope it becomes a good home for me!

Followed you, good stuff!

nice views

Oh my God, my beloved Chicago! By far my favorite US city... But I see many parts, I have a lot of catching up to do :D Go Windy City, go!!! Thank you for this @anyx, it was love at first sight <3

I like your photography i hope you give me tips for photography, @anyx be creative dan be succes, @penasantri from madura