Chicago Part 6: Lincoln Park Zoo, Continued

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Continuing with my Chicago series, I wanted to show off a little more of the Lincoln Park Zoo; this time with some of the more indoors attractions, with birds and fishes and the likes. If you haven't been following along (and you have the spare time, as this is getting long..) check out the series here:

So, almost done the series, with one more part to go after this. As this is a direction continuation from the previous part, let's get started. Here's part six!

Hello Fish

I've always been a fan of 'accidental subjects', and this little girl decide to be a perfect centerpiece for this shot. (Of course, in photography, centerpieces are rarely in the center.)

The Fishes

Here's two more shots in the fish section. No wait, that makes it sound like I'm in the supermarket. Fish.. area. Fishes area? Wait is the plural fish or fishes? Help.

The Birds

There's no shortage of birds in the zoo, each with their own unique looks and traits. My favourite was mister white mustache, who was quite friendly.


Similar to my last post, here's another animal with a gallant, prideful pose. Yet, it's also a little awkward. Why are you so prideful mister lizard? What secrets do you hold?

Goodnight Chicago

Walking back to my hotel, I had one last look at Chicago at night, before my flight the next day. Here's the Marina Towers -- right across the river from my hotel. The design is quite cool: the cars are parked on the edge of the towers (don't back into the spot too far or you're kaput!), and there's clearly some very wealthy people with boats in downtown Chicago.

That's all for today! Stay tuned for the next -- and final -- part of the series!

For those of you interested: Camera is Sony NEX-7, with my usual Zeiss 16-70mm lens.

Click an image to enlarge! They are, of course, down-sampled from my original copies; we can chat if you're interested in any full quality versions. As always, these are my original photos, and I maintain the copyright.

Don't forget to if you like my blog, I like to post picture stories!

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Hey, I looked through all of your posts and I could not resist pressing the "follow button". Just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on all the amazing content that you produce. Looking forward to seeing more from you, @anyx

wow what a beautifu pictures,thanks for sharing this and more of it...success

The pictures are really awesome. I like the view, so natural. How long have you been taking pictures? I've upvoted the post.. Because you deserve a plus from me.


I've been at it as an amateur for about 3 years now. I'm slowly getting better! :)


Doesn't he look prideful? Head held high, not a care in the world!


That's a great question, and I'm not entirely sure! My best guess is a Baltimore Oriole.


Impressive bird skills! Full upvote for that. :)

thanks @anyx for this post. now I want to visit Chicago! follow you:)

I already loved all the previous posts in your Chicago series :) & like all the others, this one is as well just somehow telling me "Go to Chicago" :)

Really love the aquarium, takes you to another world.
Great photos.
Keep it up :)

My city only has some birds and snakes in the zoo. I'm obviously living in the wrong city. Great photos.

nice shots as always. chameleons are on of my favorite animals. They are the craziest most awesome lizards for sure. Thanks for sharing

Nice pictures, I've been wanting to get into photography , do you think the sony a5100 is any good?


Definitely a good pick, and an EXCELLENT first mirrorless camera! I was thinking about getting that one (since it has an amazing sensor on a tiny body), but when I bought I opted for the NEX-7 (similar to the a6000 series) due to a few extra features, such as a built in flash.

My next camera will be a full frame, so I'm saving up to dish out a couple thousand dollars on a good one. :)


Is built in flash important? theres many cameras that don't have it, I wonder if that matters


Depends on your usage! I wanted the flash and the viewfinder, even though I don't find myself using them too often -- it's piece of mind knowing I have the option. The viewfinder is quite nice to be able to take sunny shots, which the camera can actually handle quite well! If you go back through a bunch of my photos, you'll see many have the sun directly in them.

It's like a fish aquarium, i like it and love it.
Really beautiful photo.i can not comment more. very good

I love zoos, I'm in this way in general, freedom for the animals, all provided for. Thank you for sharing.

Nice pics anyx. I have a love/hate relationship with zoos, on the one hand I love seeing animals that I would only usually get to see on TV. On the other, it saddens me to see animals (especially large ones) caged.

Chicago looks beautiful by the way, didn't realise it was so near water. Does that marina lead out to a river, or straigt to the sea? Showing off my bad geography there! :-)



I have a love/hate relationship with zoos

Totally agree with you. In part 5 I talked a bit about this too!

This particular marina is in the Chicago river, but only a few minutes away from Lake Michigan! Chicago itself is right beside the lake.


I'll have to check out the other parts, it only just popped up on my feed recently, or maybe I haven't been logged in when you've posted the others.

Ah yes, I think I may have vaguely knew Chicago was near Lake Michigan :-)


The lizard is the king of the flies. Because he eats the flies.

Beautiful images, and excellent post, just like the rest in your series! :)

Amazing and very beautiful pictures! I bought a couple of years ago a camera with a couple of lenses, but making a nice picture is still something random for me (probably because I am not patient enough ^^ )

That last picture of Chicago at night is so pretty. I've only spent one night in Chicago many years ago on a January evening. I've never been colder in. my. life. There were literally bits of ice falling from the sky instead of snow. It was crazy! I see though that I need to go back and see the sights.. in the spring. Thanks for sharing your zoo photos!

Hellow @anyx I followed you, so I read all your stuff I like, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my minnow vote is not worthy of you. I have tried to shift my subject to see if I am getting a bit of charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they hungry Maybe, I keep trying new corners.

I really like your style of photographic composition, very nice to see.
Now see the other series: D

You photo skill is very good on the birds

nice ....upvote and resteem for your photos...

That looks amazing

good nice:) @tantawi

I like that pride pose by mister lizard. 😁
Nice shot.

Great photos, i am happy to meet other photographers here

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Photos are awesome.


Very nice pictures @anyx!

These are really great photo's well done!

I love Chicago and its architecture, very cool town!

Great work man UpVoted, would mean allot if you could stop by my last post and let me know what you think!

Love Chicago except for the fact that its too cold over winter. I'm a Cali boy and really don't like a cold weather. but still a great city, with great food and great people!

Thank you @anyx for pleasure to travel with you! And walk with me in the steppe Ukraine!

sorry messed up


messed up something ...

cool photos!

Chicago's botanical gardens, Field Museum of natural history, and zoo are fantastic. Not to mention the live jazz....

wow amazing upvoted