[Travel] Mighty Walls & Movies - Malta - a Photographic Journey

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Hey guys!

This time I invite you to travel with me to the lovely archipelago of Malta. Malta is a country within the Mediterranean. Here is more information on these beautiful islands.

Malta is full of history, there are so many amazing places. Not only Game of Thrones has been filmed there. Many blockbuster movies you have watched for sure used the heritage ambiance for production. Since 1999, 65 different productions, 25 movies, and many tv-series were shot at the "Mediterranean Hollywood". James Bond, Assasin's Creed, Murder on the Orient Express and many more, here you find detailed information.
To present to you a larger insight into photographs taken by me in Malta, I would like to concentrate today on Selmun Palace. An amazing place. Built in the 18th century and now unfortunately abandoned.


source @anutu


source @anutu

source @anutu

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to be continued ...

Enjoy a most amazing weekend, my friends!




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What a lovely building @anutu. Where on Malta is it?

Hi hi @gillianpearce, it's Selmun Palace on the main island. Unfortunately abandoned, but still an amazing place <3 Close to Melieha ..

Ah. I've never noticed it. We drove through Melieha a couple of days ago. 😁

Yeah ... before entering Melieha, just right a small country road in direction of the cliffs/St. Paul. Actually it's behind St. Paul and closer To Melieha but the road is very small and country like ... I think there was still the old signpost ...

Nice. :) I lived in Malta for 3 years and worked as an extra on various movies and TV shows. I got to visit the Alhambra set of Assassin's Creed, which was beautiful, and I actually considered using Selmun Palace as a location for my own student film, but ended up using San Anton Gardens instead. If you'd like to watch it, you can see it here. ;)

So good to hear from you @stephie.spicer, what a coincidence ... wow. I know Malta since the very early 90ies and always loved it. Moved here around a year ago, actually living next to San Anton Gardens right now, just 30 seconds away from it :) Besides, I was always fascinated by the Maltese language and energy ... thus it inspired me for my latest novel I am currently working on ... this is a part of the story https://steemit.com/writing/@anutu/golden-tears-of-eratus-a-science-fiction-short-story-chapter-2

So glad I met you here, will watch the film this evening together with my husband - we both love the gardens so much!!! Have an amazingly beautiful weekend!!!

Hey, thanks! I will read your story too!

Cool! Have a most wonderful Monday!

Amazing photos, especially the sky in them and the architecture really makes a person want to visit the place.

Thank's a lot @zen-art! It's really a very special place, energies as well ... especially Gozo ... have a most beautiful day!!!

well now i want to go there. Good shots!

Definitely worth a visit!!! Thank's for your kind words and for stopping by! Have a most beautiful Monday!!

Great collection of photos - really like your processing style too. Thanks for posting

Thank's a lot for your kind words and for stopping by! Have a most beautiful new week coming up!

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I coudl have sworn that I commented on these beautiful photos and that amazing sky!

now i'm wondering if i did on the "other" site hehehehehe

but - its maybe even more beautiful the second time to see it!!! I love the angles that you took the shots!!!

Hahaha ... a Deja Vu maybe :) lol

I think it was a Weku Vu hahahahahaha

mhhhhhhhhhh .... must have been a different universe ... lololol

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