Art photography

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Art photography

For many, photography is considered an art, but not all photography is artistic.

Art is a type of photography that is not easy to define. Without entering into the concepts and ideas of art, we can say that a photograph is considered artistic when it is created by the author in order to convey a feeling or a sensation.

The purpose of artistic photography goes far beyond the mere representation of reality. Artistic photos are not taken, but they are created and depend fundamentally on the creativity of the photographer and his way of capturing it in an image.

In this type of images the intentionality of the photographer acquires vital importance. His humor, his feelings, his desires and his thoughts become protagonists of the image far beyond the physical representation that is captured in the photo.

The rest of the photograph, the one not considered as artistic, captures the purely physical aspects of something without the intention of the photographer to transform our mood or mood. While it is true that there are photographs that are not genuinely devised by the photographer, but that arise in front of him, they convey sensations and excite us.

This is one of the examples that illustrate that the vast majority of images can be categorized in various ways, especially as regards artistic photography due to the subjectivity of the main characteristic of this type of photos. The emotions.

Therefore, this type of artistic expression speaks more of its author than of its object or subject portrayed. The American writer John Steinbeck said that "photography could be an extension of the mind and heart and that it would be as good as the man who made it".

In spite of these individualities of the artistic photo, he also tries to combine the expression of personal aspects of the photographer with universal questions in order to be able to approach the greater part of the public.

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