A wonderful evening in a wonderful place - Notos Bar - @annadeda

in photography •  6 months ago


Hello to all my friends of Steemit!

Yesterday I spent a wonderful evening with my twin sister @mariaentela. We went to a bar called Notos, which is by the sea that I love so much. We ate and drank our cocktails throughout the evening. The bar where we were, as I said before is very close to the sea and that's why I loved it because as you all know I love the sea. The fact that I was so close to the sea while I was drinking my cocktail made to relax a lot and made me forget for a while the fatigue and also the stress that brings the hard training that I do every day. It was really a wonderful evening and I wanted to share it with all my friends of Steemit and why not, even suggest to all of you to visit this wonderful place.


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Wow, it's a really beautiful spot to chill in, Oh my God! The sea! I love the sea too!
Keep enjoying @annadeda!

ποπο καταπληκτικά είναι!!! ασε που έχετε βγάλει υπέροχες φωτο..

Eίναι πολύ όμορφο μέρος και έχω καιρό να πάω !!!! Πάντα να περνάτε όμορφα!!!