Thunder ⚡⚡⚡

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Dear Steemians!

As they said Lightning is the electrical discharge that happens during storms.
What we call thunder ⚡ is the sound of air rapidly expanding when exposed to plasma six times hotter than the sun's surface, known as Lightning 🌩.

Last week was full of black clouds raining slowly but at the end when things looks like it is going to stop the lightning starts and i was on my roof capturing these moments.

I captured almost 153 pictures with just clicking without watching like a click could take 153 pictures for just this one.

After the thunder storm stopoed i saw all these pictures and at the end of the night, i give this picture a little touch to make the lightning clear.

No one believed that i took 153 pictures for just one amazing picture of a lightning bolt tearing the sky apart. After showing them my deleted pictures they believed.

This picture is taken by Huawei Mate 10 Lite cellphone

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Stay blessed

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I am going to give you an A plus for this and a huge pat on the back and maybe a wink wink and a place to go to get very drunk for a very long time with lots of wimins...


ahh, thank you! i would love that


You and me both


Don't forget to suit up