Cascades of the Marmoras, in Umbria, Italy

in photography •  6 months ago

The waterfalls are a true omen of nature, because with their strength they burst the most serene landscapes, at the same time that they look imposing and disturbing, able to take the breath from anyone

Greetings friends steemit .. I leave a foticos that I received from Italy ..

Finding them is not always a simple task, to admire them sometimes it is necessary to walk for hours, but when at last these remote places of nature are reached, you are facing a spectacle without equal.

I hope you enjoyed the scenery ..

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oh nice one, from where does the water comes?


Hello @edgarsart is an artificial waterfall of the highest in Europe, with a total height of 165 meters, divided into three jumps (the first, the highest, 83 meters). It is located about 7.5 km from Terni, in the Umbria region (Italy), almost where the Valnerina ends (valley of the Nera River) The waterfall is formed by the Velino river that, near the town of Marmore, leaves the lake from Piediluco and falls down in the Nera valley.


wow highest in Europe, until now did not know this one! It must be amazing in real life up-close

got one big angel waterfall in 🇻🇪👍


They are beautiful friend ...

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