vacation with friends at my house

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Hello friends Steemit! 

Today I decided to invite friends to my house. I like to collect a big company of friends at home. We ordered pizza. But Alena pizza forgot to photograph. hahhaah) Yes, I am, sometimes I forget how my name is and what today is for the day. Most likely because I have little rest.

If I had summer, vacation, I could rest during the day, and not sleep at night, draw :) at least until the morning. Although I still do not sleep very much. such a student's life.

Привет друзья Стимет! Сегодня я решила позвать к себе домой друзей. Я люблю собирать большую компанию друзей у себя дома. Мы заказали пиццу. Но пиццу Алена сфотографировать забыла. хаххаах) Да, я такая, иногда забываю как мое имя и что сегодня за день. Скорей всего потому что я мало отдыхаю.

Скорей бы лето, каникулы, я смогу днем отдыхать, а ночью не спать, рисовать :) хоть до утра. Хотя я и сейчас мало сплю. такая жизнь студента.

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It's fun to invite friends over and have a good time together! Thanks for sharing your pics! :)

yes) thank you!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Keep on steeming ... rock on.

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Hey my dear steemit friend @andrianna, why you not like to invite me? Do you know that I'm also your friend? So you don't miss farther to invite me. Cause you need to increase your circle. So add me with your company. I Promise that, I'll give you big effort for your any work and anytime, anywhere.....
By the way, Thanks for your delicious photography post with your company.

I agree with you @ andrianna, because by hanging out with friends, we feel happy and cheerful

yes yes)

Yes,visit my blog andrianna

Nice picture. I hope you enjoy your vacation

yes. thank you!

You are welcome @andranna

Moments spent with friends are always full of joy. Seems like you enjoyed a lot!


a very good post. your delicious food always looks cheerful, please visit my blog, thank you.


Hello @andriana...the food was very tasty...!.

Hi! yes :-)

Hello @andrianna,, the food was very tasty.

hi! yes

leave greetings for his friend


What is her name....??

Pizza which I like.


hallo andrianna
good post,

hi! thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Beautiful photography, gathering with friends was an exciting activity, can eat together, tell each other, it's so exciting to be an interesting impression.

yes) thank you =)

It seems to be a really nice vacation
I wish you more happiness and spend the nicest time with friends
I wish you a happy weekend

many thanks!

Wow good , its something wonderful to meet friends at you home , I'm coming to rusdia on summer , I will meet you sure

thank you!

But where is fresh food ?

I wrote that I forgot to take pictures :)

unfortunately, I was not invited, @andrianna😅

so nice dear.
i like it...

very good food my friend


Happy happy with my friends and delicious food, @andrianna should be a lot of rest let me not repeat the pain that like yesterday ,, if there is time visit my Blog thank you

I thought you put the cups on real bananas :D

Good ...
Enjoy your vacations 😊

Have a good holiday.

Wow, you two are so beautiful. I like look rusian girls :)

Posts are great I really like friends if there is time please visit my blog there may be something you like


Thanks friend