u will meet with broken hearts and life experiences

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In the sky only talk and talk about the sea and the sunset ...

There they talk about how fucking great it is to watch a huge fireball, how it melts in the waves ...

And barely visible light, as if from a candle, burns somewhere in the depths ...

All alone, you thought: why is it exactly like that?

Evil becomes kind, good behaves like an asshole.

What is the reason: betrayals, hysterics, shouts, beatings, tears and butterflies -

And he concluded that this love is mixed with human weakness.

It does not matter how it looks and what color hair is.

The main thing is that manners and character suited you completely.

You will meet with broken hearts and life experiences,

And slowly begin to build your world with accuracy and caution.

На небе только и разговоров, что о море и о закате...
Там говорят о том, как чертовски здорово наблюдать за огромным огненным шаром, как он тает в волнах...
И еле видимый свет, словно от свечи, горит где-то в глубине...  

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Awesome sky photography....⛅


thank you!

Very beautiful

I don't what to say? It's totally amazing.

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Lovely shots honey .

The white and the blue mixture made it look even more amazing :)


After reading this, I think maybe you broke up with your boyfriend? I't a hard life experience to go through and you will have a broken heart for a while. But you are a beautiful young woman and other guys will come along. You will have a great new relationship soon, I am sure. :)

Excellent writing.... Keep it up.

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Excellent writing and photography.. Keep it up..

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The sky is beautiful.