Madame Tussauds - Photo - Impressions

in photography •  6 months ago

This was my first visit to a wax museum, and I must say some of them look very alive. I almost bumped into one of them and wanted to apologize. You could interact with them, put on wigs and other props. At the entrance, if you desire they can take your picture in a Trabant, and you can buy it printed.

Oh Sigmund...  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. 

Thank you, thank you very much !

 All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at  Madame Tussauds in Berlin.

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I thought you were in Amsterdam when I saw Anne F.


I visited Amsterdam, but didn't went to Anne F. house.

Anca you look lovely!


Thank you! I'm not a photogenic person, so from this trip this were the best photos :))

Very interesting, beautiful and creative dear Anca. Great to see you in the photos :)


Thank you ! Yes, I had a little fun interacting with the wax figures :)

Las figuras de cera son muy interesantes. Tienen un aspecto tan vivo, que no seria nada difícil imaginar que lo están. Me gusta como hicieron estas esculturas, con expresiones y poses humanas. Es increíble todo el trabajo que realizaron y que a cada uno le crearon su propio ambiente. Gracias por compartir, saludos.

Wow! I can relate the feeling of adventures and amazing experience of Madame Tussauds @anca3drandom! My experienced was in Singapore! That was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

I really liked the following photo you look passing a good moment with sir sigmund freud what did you talking about? hehehe. Regards


:) We talked about many things, patient doctor confidentiality.

Amazing photography!and the statue looks like very alive on that photo..

some interesting photos of some known character.
that Michael Jackson character is looks so alive.
very creative.
and you're looking great in the photo.
thanks for sharing it.

That's a lot of fun. Amazing they let you get so close, unusual for a museum. Great photos of you and the doctor and Mr. Einstein. That's some pretty impressive company, even IF made from old candles.

The wax figures do look real, and it's nice to see photos of you on the site. I'm just not there yet. Maybe someday.

Is it weird that I want to try the medium of wax now? Ha ha I always thought it would be creepy to just have pieces
like this just hanging out in my studio lol.