Carpets on walls - Is it a thing of the past ?

in photography •  7 months ago

I gave up carpets a long time ago, and it's for the best; since having a dog that sheds a lot, they would have turned into hair bundles. What I do find interesting, is hanging carpets on walls. Does it still go on today, or is it a thing of the past? After all, carpets can be the equivalent of a painting.

 A chinese dragon in Iran; Persian blue 

 At the Pergamon Museum you can find this alcove, that might be in your opinion a prayer niche, but it is actually a wall niche from a town house in Damascus; the house was occupied by Samaritans. 

  All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at The Pergamon Museum, Islamic art section.

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Excellent your carpet photography really awesome ..I impree see this photo ..Really amazing .Resteemit done.

In the past .Carpet wall photography really awesome. Thanks dear sharing your nice photography ..

They represent culture and keep us understand what people thought in the past and how they comprehend the life and art, great photos. Regards

some great photography you have there.
and yes, it's still go on today on someplace, on some family.