Enjoy The Sunset at "Bineh Blang"

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Hello fellow steemit !!

Tonight I will share the beauty of the sunset as I passed in the rice fields of Aceh.

1/20 f/20.0 ISO/100 13.0mm

Hearing the twilight words may be familiar to us..
Dusk always offers unexpected beauty.
For lovers of twilight always has its own meaning. how not, this one natural panorama always bewitch hundreds of eyes that mamandang to the horizon.
Most people describe the twilight with the word romantic.
But whatever twilight that always gives the beautiful meaning will eventually sink too.

1/50 f/8.0 ISO/100 12.0mm

1/125 f/20.0 ISO/200 12.0mm

1/5 f/120.0 ISO/200 12.0mm

1/8 f/140.0 ISO/200 12.0mm

All the above pictures I took from several angles. at first I did not expect it to be as beautiful as this. because on that day the weather was cloudy.

All pictures by@amyalfatasya
Taken withNikon 5300+ Lens 12-24
LocationAceh, Indonesia

Thank you for visiting simple blog @amyalfatasya

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Those are some amazing pics!

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