📷 My Sunrise Photography: How The Weather Looks Like in Metro Manila Earlier[In Colors + Monochrome and Tagalog Translation] 📷

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I came to work 4 am earlier this morning, my shift starts at 5 am. It was raining upon leaving the house and also when I arrived at Cubao, Quezon city, then I rode a bus to Eaton. After a small talk with a few office mates, I went near the glass window facing the east direction carrying my camera, which I always bring for street photography purposes. Then get some shots on how our weather looks like here. I just wanted to share them to Steemit because I Don't Just Gaze At It, I Seize It, Then I Steemit!

Tagalog: Maaga akong umalis ng bahay kanina alas kwatro kasi alas singko umpisa ng trabaho ko. Maulan kanina pagalis ko ng bahay at pagdating sa Cubao ay ganun din hanggang sa sumakay ako ng bus biyaheng Centris. Pagkatapos ko makipag chikahan sa mga kasama ay pumunta ako sa salamin sa bahagi kung saan sumisikat ung araw at dala ko rin ang aking kamera, lagi ko itong bitbit dahil madalas akong kumukuha ng potograpiya sa lansangan. Kaya heto yung mga kuha ko nais kong ibahagi anong itsura meron ang panahon dito.

You might notice some fluorescent light reflections in some of the images. The people here wouldn't want it off.












All images were shot using a Lumix ZS100/ZS110 and post process in LR using presets.


I am aiming to provide quality contents in the world of Steemit photography + Filipino language exposures. Hope you'll like it. Again, Rex here, aka @allmonitors saying: Don't Just Gaze At It, Seize It, Then Steemit!

Medium: Panasonic Lumix ZS100/ZS110

Are you a Filipino or an expat living in the Philippines? Please come and join our wonderful Filipino Steemit community: https://discord.gg/4YxQvFm

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Beautiful and ominous. Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks for stopping by @buckydurddle, glad you like it. Cheers :)

Beautiful and intense photo's! Thank you for sharing.

Appreciate the inputs, cheers :)

awesome shot as usual my friend.

Appreciate it bro :)

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing

Appreciate it :)

Very beautiful clouds rex awesome pictures!

Appreciate it, thanks again for stopping by :)

Congratz, you just have been resteemed by @pixresteemer!
(All right but who is pixresteemer?)