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Hello friends!! So I have been planning, designing and experimenting with new cake flavours, in fact with honey cake. I wanted to give you a small preview of how this looks and my photography skills :)) What do you think?



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dang, looks very good and I'm not even a cake person!! :)


HAHH thanks :))

I wanna it all!

They look absolutely delicious @allasyummyfood. Yum. Yum!

Nice to see all the deliciousness, where have you been @allasyummyfood. hope you had a great summer :)


:)) thanks so much!! yes and you?

yummy 🎂that looks fantastic😊

Nice :)

wow... it looks delicious... may be further you can share recipe...

We call it "medovik". Honey in Russian is "myod".
It looks so delicious! 😋

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It looks very delicious.
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