What interesting things can be seen during the flight from Magadan to Moscow?

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It is very interesting to live in Kolyma, and I would not have left anywhere if it had not been treated. It was not possible to solve everything from the first time, and even if I could, I would have to fly anyway due to other circumstances. It so happened that I didn’t get out of Kolyma from autumn 2002 to autumn 2012. For 14 years, I only had 5 flights (including the one I’m writing about below) on the route Magadan-Moscow and 3 flights Moscow-Magadan. Instead of one return flight, I returned home by car and this trip took 11 days.

It has always been interesting for me to look out of the window at the landscapes sailing below. Sometimes it was even possible to consider roads and cities with architecture different from the native Magadan. The mountains of the Magadan region, Yakutia and the Urals, as well as the abundance of lakes, which occur somewhere in the middle of the flight, are particularly striking. Every time I asked questions, what kind of land are we flying by and what kind of beautiful mountains do I see under the wing.

This time I managed not only to build a route along which the flight took place, but also to establish the terrain and the names of some objects.


Soon after taking off from the Sokol airport (GDX), the village of Palatka and the Hasyn River appeared below. It is clearly seen how Tenkinskaya and Kolyma tracks run in different directions. Here begins the Golden Ring of Kolyma, whose most picturesque part of it can rightly be called the Ten'kyi highway. I repeatedly had the opportunity to drive through Tenka and innumerable times I traveled around Kolyma. I used to be in the mountains, that are whitening on the horizon, definitely worth a visit there.


And now the river Arman, on the rafting on which, I still continue to dream. In the picture you can see the confluence of Arman with the tributary - the Khetachan River, which is just to the left of which merges with the Hilnalin River.


Here they come from deep gorges: Hilnalin, Hetachan and Arman. And here, too, I want to go!


And here, in the wide valley, the handsome Detrin dodges in the direction of Kolyma, downstream of which are seen the scars left by the miners and the settlement of Ust-Omchug. At the top left, the Kolyma Sea itself is already visible.


I am changing the wide angle to a telephoto and shooting a series on the Kolyma reservoir. Very quickly I find the mountains of the Big Angangachak range. How many times have I been to Jack London Lake, but I have not yet been able to see the ridge. The television was able to see the lake Dancing Khariusov and the Moskalenko brothers were recalled that they had been living there for more than a year.
Of course, I tried to examine the already familiar peaks of the Aborigine, Festivalny, Trident, Mutton, Aspirations and the most beautiful Pyla Pass.


Right in the middle of the panorama is the Big Anngachak Ridge. Before this trip, I have not yet seen the reverse side of these mountains.


Almost in the middle of the peak is the Aborigine (2287m), which is connected by a serrate ridge, famous under the name of Pyla, with the peak of the Festival (2197m), which is easily recognizable by the cut-off top. Between the Aborigine and the Festival Rises the peak Lamb, the height of which I have not yet learned. Right on the right is the aspiration peak (2190m).


I dilute almost monochrome landscape with bright Kolyma autumn. On the left in the picture is the peak of the Festival, its outlines are easily recognizable when viewed from any direction.


And this, the gray wall of the Saw, in person. The name is quite justified by its appearance. The peak Aborigine turned out to be for me not yet reached the summit, a mountain hidden in the clouds of changeable Kolyma weather.


Below are clearly visible river beds mutilated by gold miners.


In the foreground is the settlement Nagorny and the tattered bed of the river. These scars remain on the ground after gold mining, there are a lot of them throughout the region.


Attention attracted a huge tailing and traces of large-scale activities. As it turned out, this is a gold mining enterprise based on the Natalka deposit, which is being built by Matrosov Mine. Omchak, which is just above Natalka, did not get into the frame, my attention was completely captured by looking at the network of roads that stretched along the slopes of the hills.


What is very pleased is the absence of a ban on shooting during the flight and clean portholes. Well, how can you not turn around? :) Having stuck to the glass of the window of the Go Pro on the suction cup, I did not deny myself the pleasure of removing time-lapses in flight. Here, the link is all the above compressed in 1.5 minutes.


In general, the flight from Magadan to Moscow and back is a very interesting route. His thread runs through Yakutia, the Arctic, crossing the Gulf of Ob, and is as close to the Kara Sea and Baidaratskaya Bay, but it's going to happen.


With good weather, you can see the Putorana plateau, but this time I was not lucky, but at the very least hooked on the landscapes of the West Siberian Plain.


Shortly after crossing the Gulf of Ob, the Baydaratskaya lip appeared. For a short time above the horizon emerged full moon, which disappeared after the turn to the south.


Following the Baydaratskaya bay, the northern part of the Ural Mountains appeared. When looking at such beauties, one wants not only to see them, but to visit and walk there, or even dive into a huge lake. So with this lake that is compressed by mountains. It is called Big Shchuchye, has dimensions of 15x1 km and a maximum depth of 136 meters. In mid-November, the lake is not yet covered with ice and clouds form above its surface. Very beautiful places you want to visit.


The picture shows two mountain ranges, the one on top - the Ochenyd ridge, I immediately liked it with its steep mountain with a deep curved bowl. Surely these places are extremely picturesque. This mountain is called Gnetyu-Iz and has a height of 1054.9 m. Below is an array of Borzov with the same peak.


Everything, further begins Bolshezemelskaya tundra, with swamps, rivers, lakes and, for sure, with a huge number of cloudberries.


After some time, the long hairs of the roads began to meet, sometimes bridges over the rivers were visible, and then the cities went. I was very interested to know what these cities are with such architecture and huge courtyards. I managed to find them on Google Maps. At the very bottom of the frame is the city of Severny, which is part of the Vorkuta urban district. Also in the frame of the river Vorkuta. I have not identified the remaining objects.


The next town is Vorgashor. The curious architecture could not fail to hook, the huge yards of panel houses contrasted with the close to the country buildings.


By the link above the time-lapse video flight over the Polar Urals. After Vorkuta, our Boeing turned to the south, and in the cabin they again announced the next meal.


In general, in airplanes I do not really manage to sleep with whatever comfort I fly. This world is so beautiful that it would be strange to sleep through the rare opportunity to look at it from such a height.


Probably, for someone the landscape outside the window will seem boring and tediously monotonous, but I do not think so. It is necessary only to look a little into this array of incredible natural objects, like boredom blows like a fog with a frisky wind.


This video captures the timelapse of the end of the journey and landing at Domodedovo Airport. We arrived in Moscow! The flight lasted 7.5 hours, all this time we flew over one country - Russia. During this time, we crossed 8 time zones.
Have a great weekend and interesting trips!

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Oh wow - what an incredible post! I've only been in Russia for 4 weeks, crossing it by train, and although that was quite a distance I haven't even touched one percent of this vast country... I loved crossing all the timezones and being confused about 'Moscow time' all the time when I had to find my next train :D

This is a great post with loads of pictures - I love it!

Thank you! Come to us again! :)

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Very beautiful pictures and what an interesting blog idea. I too cannot sleep on flights as I want to see all the wonders to behold. Really fascinating post:)

Thank! Soon I will post another post from the flight :)


I've been so used to one-photo three-word posts on Steemit that I was blown away that I could keep scrolling on this one and it just turned up more lovely shots! Thanks for posting it. I've always had an affinity for airplane photography. I find myself time and again at the back window with the 200mm lens, just cracking off shots like a maniac.

Yes, it is very exciting to study the planet from a height :)

Hi friend natural photo on world .I really like it.i vote you post and you upvote me