The Majesty of Nature at the Three Peaks of Lavaredo - Discovering Italy with alequandro

in photography •  20 days ago

A few days I looked at the pictures I took two years ago when I visited the Dolomites, in particular the photos of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo.

I noticed some shots I had discarded.
This is one of those that I recovered.

I was struck by the relationship between people and landscape.

We are truly insignificant compared to the majesty and power of nature!


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Love this! It is very useful to go back over old pictures when enough time has passed to give you some distance. There are usually gems that got passed over the first time because of a preconceived notion of what kind of shot was intended - that can interfere with the ability to recognize what kind of shot actually was captured :) This is really dramatic!


I agree with everything you write.
Often I realize that I do not consider some shots because I am in a hurry to process what I consider the best pictures.
After some time my perception of the shots also changes according to my mood!

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Concordo con te siamo veramente nulla a confronto con la maestà della natura, poi quelle montagne sono a dir poco stupende ottimi scatti, io personalmente le adoro e appena posso prendermi qualche giorno di vacanza in estate cerco di andarci sempre perché vivere qualche giorno in quei paesaggi rigenera mente e corpo e ti dona una pace interiore senza paragoni poi immerso in quella natura é fantastico, di nuovo ottime foto @alequadro complimenti.


Quando si vuole stare bene, la risposta è la natura.
Io ormai mi sono abituato ad andare a camminare tutte le settimane e sto benissimo!
La gente di città non sa cosa si perde!

Grazie per il complimento :)