Shooting film #2 - Thassos, Greece - Canon AE-1 + Kodak Portra 400

in photography •  6 months ago

Welcome back, Steemians! I hope everyone is doing great now that a hardfork situation stabilized. I finally got the roll of film I shot in Greece developed and wanted to share the results with you. No editing was done to images so these are straight out of camera. I just love the colors of Kodak Portra and stick with it for now. Few shots at the end made after I returned to Belgrade.

The one drawback to analog cameras like AE-1 is that it weighs 3 times my small Fuji. Otherwise you would see much more of these posts. :) But I do plan to shoot couple of rolls in my upcoming trip to Budapest. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Such bright images are a treat for the eyes. Wonderful destination! Thank you for making me a part of this experience.


Thank you, @ravijojla! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Gosh I love the colors of this film too.. I can’t believe you didn’t even edit these.. the colors are perfect. I can’t believe I missed this post either! You have a way with film..

#1 is perfection.. I love the movement in the waves in the forefront, they grab your attention immediately and then encourage your eyes to follow up the frame to the stunning scenery. It’s beautiful.

I really enjoy the contrast in color of #6.. I feel it captures the feel of Greece perfectly and would be perfect in a travel advertisement. Those pops of red and lovely.

I love how you always seem to include pops of red in your street photography so subtly, #14 and #12 showcase that while capturing the beauty in a simple moment.

And #8 and #15 are too stinking adorable.. you have the best models!

Lovely post, thanks for sharing these.


Yeah, film has this vibe that can't be achieved with digital photography. Colors are amazing! Some of the shots are from the small "village" in the center of Thassos with these small white houses and narrow streets. Quite interesting to see.

I'm glad you like the photos and my models! :)

u, jesu lepe boje. uzela sam ovaj film pre sedam dana, prvo vece otislo par snimaka na pevaca ciganske muzike, koji lici na Ritchie Blackmore-a, samo malo niza verzija...hahah....jedva cekam da se razvije...favoriti poslednje dve : )


Hahaha jedva cekam da vidim. :) Cujem skoro da jos bolje izgledaju boje na ovom filmu kad je malo overexposed, al nisam jos testirao.


vala i ja, hahha. e probacu :) treba meni vremena sa analognim da se nakanim da uradim film. xD

really beautiful photos!


Thank you!