Budapest street photography - Day 4

in photography •  2 months ago 

Moving on to day 4 - beautiful sunny morning with some nice opportunities for strong contrast photos and a rainy afternoon. The girl with flowers and her dog were the highlight though. :) As you can see, Budapest is a very active city, friendly to cyclists, joggers, pet walkers... I'm thinking of moving there for a few months for that reason only. As always, I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Really loving the strong shadows and interlocking positive/negative space in the first few pictures. Really strong photos from a compositional standpoint. And yes the dog is very handsome, and a wonderful black contrast to the flower print :) My sister spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Hungary while she was in high school and spoke very highly of Budapest. Awesome post!


Yeah those strong contrast photos are pretty much the only option when the sun is hard during mid day. It just looks much better than exposing for the shadows and blowing out highlights. Nice to hear your sister enjoyed her time in Hungary. :) I love it as well and visit it every so often.

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Thank you!

Great photos @alcibiades and Budapest is very beautiful, especially on a sunny day!