Life Project. We make photos with kids every year with the same car for last 6 years. And to be continued...

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Hello everyone!

Finally I am at home. 2 months vacation.....and it was for the first time for 2 years I am at Steemit I didn't write for so long. And I missed you a lot..and I have many ideas and I even don't what to start with, so much I want to share with you. And of course my contests....

Today I would like to share with you one project we have with my friend.
We started to make photos of our kids together at the same car once a year and they were not even 1 year old. And they were born with 10 days difference in September 2012.

For now we have this:

enter image description here

I hope we will be meeting every year for a long time and keep continuing this project.

I am happy I am back...

Love you

Yours, @aksinya.

P.S. I again can enter Steemit through normal browser not with Tor. So, it would be easier to communicate as through Tor it was sooo slow...They unblocked foreign sites. Hooray!!!!!!

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Welcome back @aksinya

I dropped you a message on Discord


Hi! I Replied

such a beautiful way to preserve these valuable moments of children

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thank you))

Hello, lady! It is great you are back! Those kids in the pics are adorable.


I am glad to see you! I hope you are better...


Well, I am still in recovery but I feel better.


I really wish you recover completely soon. I know how it is difficult to have health problems as I also have some - muscles weakness. Hugs and my support to you!


Thank you! I wish you your good health too, lady @aksinya.

I think they need a bigger car. :-)


may be)) ...but we want to use this car many many more years for this project)))

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