My Photography shot | "Cockroah Molting Process"

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Nakakita ka na ba ng IPIS/COCKROACH? Malamang Oo ang sagot mo.. eh ng ganitong pangyayari nakakita ka na din ba? Bihira lang satin ang makakita ng ganitong kaganapan pero ngayong hapon isa ako sa naka saksi kung paanong nag palit ng anyo ang ipis na ito.


Cockroaches are known to be insects with their own exoskeleton. Once the cockroaches shed their skin, they are transformed into milky color roaches for a couple of hours. Their exoskeleton is also completely rigid and is sturdy by necessity. As compared to the bones of mammals and fishes, the cockroaches’ exoskeleton doesn’t grow with them. This is the reason why they need to shed off their skin for some time. This is also especially if they have grown bigger.


They shed their skins once in while when they increase in size or maturity. Cockroach molting or shedding its skin periodically is the only way that a young cockroach can grow since its hard, outer cuticle won't allow expansion. The process of molting is called ecdysis. During that time the wingless nymph will molt 6 or 7 times before turning into an adult.


Location: Pasay City, Philippines
Snap taken: June 2018
Capture: Image where shot using my SAMSUNG J7 Pro


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