The soul has illusions as the bird has wings: it is supported by them. ~ Victor Hugo

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It's been a while since I've posted and thought it'd be a good time to start back.  I happened to take these pictures on my emergency trip to escape Hurricane Irma. When I saw the birds I actually thought this would be a good post for steemit because I can bring up all sorts of things like superstitions to the yellow flowers in the background and slight bokeh that is seen.  I bet all the birds flew off and obtained shelter from Hurricane Irma. 


Based heavily on superstitions due to the unexplainable and amazing flight of the bird has brought about a huge number of beliefs (magic, bad luck, spirits and etc.) over the centuries.   The fact that birds appear to live up high into the heavens caused many religions to cast their Gods in the form of a bird of different kinds, and many have kept the importance in older stories to this day. Fortunetellers in old Rome learned to predict a possible future event based on their analysis of birdsong, while other cultures credited birds with having their own language and links with the supernatural, the birds themselves often being understood as the reincarnation of a dead soul. 

The appearance of certain birds (especially those with black and white feathers) may be thought of as a (bad sign) of death or some other coming bad luck, while others are closely connected with (magic) and the devil. Some birds of (based on what's seen or what seems obvious) supernatural origin, more than that, appear to have attached themselves to particular families or offices in much the same way as the wild (animal), appearing when a family member is dying. A famous example is a pair of white birds that appear when a Bishop of Salisbury is dying, supposedly seen as recently as 1911. 

Blackbird misconceptions. If superstitions about blackbirds were true I'd surely be in a lot of trouble after encountering these birds when I was out.  Here lately I have been coming in contact with a lot of birds such as these but I just figure it's pretty common around Florida.  I thought the birds were a nice contrast compared to the yellow little flowers here.  It was almost too perfect for pictures but I was right there ready to take the pictures!  

Did you know there are quite a few bird superstitions out there mostly from Europe?  I figured I'd post some of them since I am posting these pictures and the first thing that popped into my head when I saw these birds out was the superstitions... thinking to myself that if they were true then oh boy would I be in some trouble! 

If a bird gets into your house by any means you are going to have bad luck and possibly indicate the death of someone.  

Some people believe that birds that hang around trees or fly under them are reincarnated evil-doers.

Some people in France maintains that when unbaptised children die, they become birds for a time until accepted into Heaven.

Being hit by bird poop can cause ill luck in the near future (though some people claim it is actually good luck), If someone is heading off on a trip it's recommended to make note of the position of any birds flying nearby: if they fly to the right, a good trip is likely, but if they fly to the left, the person should just stay at home, Especially if the birds are too many to count. Similarly, in a relic of the ‘ornithomancy’ of the ancient Romans, much can be gleaned from the direction out of which a bird call comes: if it is from the north, ill luck will happen next; if from the south, a good harvest; if from the west, good luck; and if from the east, love.

What do you think of the superstitions about birds?  

I've never been one really that was all that interested in superstitions tho I have known people to believe in them.  I have learned that you can't really argue with someone that does believe in them just like you really can not argue with a Christian about their beliefs.  

** Some information taken from various websites and the photographs are by me.  

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Why birds will be prejudice! The first is a creature like us. They do not harm us. Rather, our environment looks good for them. Therefore, in my opinion, the bird is not a prejudice. We want good luck for us.