My flower of the day #476. 🌼🌹🌸🌻

in photography •  last month 

Today I have some gorgeous Lavender to improve your day, I hope you like them.

IMG20181028143443 (2).jpg




I hope My flower of the day #476 brings a some stunning colors and tranquillity into your day, thank you for visiting my flower blog.🌼🌹🌼🌹🌼🌹

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such nice flowers and I heard they are a good mosquito repellent... .I hate those little buggers

Yeah I have heard the same thing, Lavender has lots of uses doesn't it. :o)

I love Lavender it smell and looks amazing.

It's a stunning flower isn't it, thanks mate. :o)

Great pictures mate, they look amazing cheers.

Thanks @silverbug I appreciate it mate. :o)