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Sand is pretty sand is good. Here's some collection of my Sandscapes.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

All photos are taken and articles are written by Adonis Villanueva of Always Wanderlust unless otherwise stated.



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The Spider in the Patio
Detained for Drugs in Norway
Unforgettable Ride on a Chicken Bus
The Love Valley

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the picture looks very real I can fell that I am actually standing in the desert

When I see good desert photos - I get slightly jealous. I will explain why, we are a couple of travelers. Last April we embarked on a 8 day cross-country trip across Morocco. Sahara was one of the destinations, however when we arrived there - the sand storm was quite harsh and we couldn't take any photos. I took some on my phone and instantly regretted it - my screen was all scratched by by the sand in the air, travelling at an ungodly speed. Good photos, I'm hoping to come back and take some too. Wish me luck this time =)

Certainly. Good luck!

Masterful shadows, textures and lines in earth tones. Some truly fabulous shots, adonisabril.

Where were these pictures taken? Were they all in the same general geographical area, or all different? The last two are my favorites! The second to last has a very mysterious look, with the distant red spots of light among the shadows.

Yeah mostly the same in California :)

Really?! I totally guessed wrong! I've mostly experienced the southern New Mexico/Texas type of scrubby mesquitey desert, so I never really thought of America having those high rippled sand hills anywhere like you see in the Sahara and such.

Hi @adonisabril, It's good post about photograohy! I enjoyed your photoghrphy on Desert. I think all pictures was Desert . Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Beautiful pictures. The Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis) of Southern California are incredible for both looking and playing.

Good Post i like your phtographies

What good photos. I love the texture that sand generates due to the wind.

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Wow.. Thats really cool, There's always a story with nature

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beautiful art, where did you take this photo?

very very nice friends

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Wow these formations look really cool!

These photos really are satisfying to look at, also very aesthetically pleasing, nice job! 👍🏽

Wow!!! Incredible shots!

Wow very nice!

excellent gallery

Excellent photos!

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