Rainy Autumn - My Wednesdaywalk

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Hello lovely Steemians !


It is wednesday again and time for another #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay ^^


When I went outside today I was wondering which autumn theme and motives I could choose this time as it was raining quite a lot the last weeks and there was a lot of frost so that everything was left a bit muddy. But then I thought that this actually is what autumn is doing. So I choose to focus on the beautiful rainy enviroment autumn colours, from bright green to dark red mixture ;)


I especially like this tree for its colour tone look so dark, nearly black, which is in contrast to the sky, perfectly visible through the already leaf decimated branches.




This part looks so wild, how the long gras already grows over the wheels and the rouge red bushes roam out of the tree line.


During the summer this pond is surrounded by the various colour of flowers, but in autumn this place leaves a totally different feeling. It appears so abadoned with the fallen tree in it.

All pictures were taken by myself, @adalger, with a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone.









If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

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Best wishes,

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So many including me at times get frustrated with the rain and host makes everything slushy I like how you turned it into a theme and it made for such a. Cool post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

The rain helps bring out the intense fall colors and emphasize the contrast between the dark wood and soil areas found in nature! Excellent photos! Have a great day! @adalger

Thank you ^^ I am glad you like it .. that tree really fasciniated me from first sight ;)

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Awe... this makes me miss 'back home'. Thank you.🥰 I can almost smell the dampness.

Thank you so much !! .. I really appreciate it ;)

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Thanks for the upvote ^^

Very nice contrast between that tree and the pond. We need some rain here!

Thank you @kaminchan .. I am sure rhe eainy clouds will grant you a visit soon ^^ .. a little but of rain is always a pleasure for nature and their spirits ;)

Oh! Yes! Cone quick! Dear rain!

Der Teich ist doch im Botanischen Garten? Sieht danach aus bin da mal im Winter rübergelaufen und bin eingebrochen =).

Wirklich tolle Bilder, und wie gut sich der Carpinus sich endwickelt hat, troz seiner verheredenden verstümmelung hat er sich gut gemacht ^^.

Hehe, es ist der Botanische Garten ^^ .. Ich sehe den Teich jeden Morgen wenn ich zur Arbeit gehe ;) .. In den Teich bin ich nie eingebrochen, aber dafür schon einmal in den Froschtümpel nach einer Flasche Rum ^^ .. hab da wohl verquackt