Photography Rare herbs of the times "Bak Iboh"

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this stem stalk has a very high length, and has a very hard stem. While the long-spaced leaves are straight separated. This plant leaf is very beneficial for health. Sap contained in the leaves of this plant can heal a severe injury.

Part of the stem of this plant, when it is utilized by the aceh community to make a drum. Because this plant is large. in the middle of the empty in order to mengunyarkan loud voice after a drum.






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Very nice picture @abudar I have seen the plant, but it looks very scary, it looks like the plant is the residence of the devil, it is true that you mentioned, the tree is very rare and part of the plant can be useful for medicine, such as plant leaves. My grandmother once did and took the sap of the plant for wound medicine. But my grandmother said, very sore when the plant sap laid on the wound, but very menjarab, not long ago the wound healed and did not give the former.

Eine sehr schöne Bilderserie .....

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The efficacious remedy..
thanks for share @abudar

thank to for coment

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