Random Sunset Shots

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These following pictures are wrapped randomly. As I mostly do on the afternoon time, I paid some visits to the nearby locations even I had to go out of town to shoot the sunset and its remaining light. Somehow, these pictures were taken throughout the different moment as well as different locations. I hope you dont mind to have a look.


This shot come from the local tourism spot Ujong Blang. I went to different spot right to the west of this location. I snooped under the hut as I thought that was kind of a good place to shoot the sunset where I could find the light in snooping way.
This photo was taken in my childhood village a few days ago. I stopped by at one of the fish ponds when I saw the sun was going down far in the west.


After taking the first picture, I went to the south of this place where I could find the remaining light of the sunset. The elegance of the light poisoned me to shoot couple pictures, some of them I posted a while ago.


This is the familiar beach in town. Ujong Blang, I went to this beach two days after I returned from my home town. I made my way through this beach on the bright day so I could be able to catch this view.


Yes, the same spot with different angles, I went to the side of beach to shoot this picture as it could be seen as the variety of the sunset light

CameraNikon D7000
LensVR II AFP 18-55mm



hana lawan memang.
no medicine bang. hana ubat :D

hahah...nyan koen2 droneuh

Indah nian bang @abduhawab. Ujong Blang dimana bang?

di lhokseumawe jalal dan di beberapa lokasi lainnya

Oh, iya bang. Fanorama yang bagus. Disana pasti mengasyikkan ketika sore hari.

Ternyata dibutuhkan perjuangan yang berat untuk mendapatkan hasil foto seindah ini, bahkan harus mengendap ngendap dibawah pohon, untuk memperoleh hasil jepretan yang maksimal.

Dan hasilnyapun oke punya 👍👍👍

Menguning cakrawala brader..

Tetap teduh, senja. Kau melegakan.. Selamat rehat Bang @abduhawab.. :)

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Ahlinya photography tau di mana dan kapan waktu pengambilan foto yang bagus. Salah satu ini orangnya.


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