TITLE TUESDAY - WINNER: "My name is experience. And you?"

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We challenge you to create a TITLE for this picture.

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taken many many years ago on a trip to Europe. I was in Spain for like a month and in one town on one particular occasion i was chatting with this gentleman for quite a while and when we said goodbye he went to shake my hand and super quickly i pointed my wide angle upwards and got the shot. He was hard of hearing so i don't think he even knew about this particular shot.


For TITLE TUESDAY we would like you to Give a title for the photo

  1. Share a TITLE that you feel fits the photo best. (In comments)
  2. Only one title per person.
  3. We discourage editing guesses ... if you do state why and what you edited.
  4. Remember that you’re appealing to person who posted the photo (they will choose the winner.)
  1. Deadline is no earlier than Friday. (The host may be flexible but no earlier than 72hrs from posting)
  2. Winner will be announced in this post.
  3. Rewards are transferred to winners about 1-2 times a week.


  • 1 SBD to the best TITLE
  • Additional votes by @jarvie on his favorites

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Toma mi mano y todo estará bien


OK i liked this one, both the sentiment and the fact it's in spanish.
Full vote reward and in the running for top pick.


ok Thanks @jarvie, for your vote

"Then I was like CHOP, and down he went. He never made fun of my high pants again."


Full vote reward and in the running for top pick.

My name is experience. And you?


I like the sentiment of that title

Full vote reward and in the running for top pick.


Many thanks!
When I saw the photograph, it was the first thing that came to my mind.

"Just shake my hand already, I should have been home 1 hour ago!"


It's funny because it could be true and yet over there seemed like life was slowed down and he didn't seem to be in a hurry at all. But still Full vote reward and in the running for top pick.


Yeah, in some regions of spain that does happen :) Thank you, glad I'm in the race!

Time passes very fast, you take advantage of it.

No, you smell MY fingers!


LOL, now I can't unsee that!!

reminds me of the title from a Zack Hemsey track :

Nice To Meet Me

El estrecho su mano y yo le di un fuerte abrazo

"It was a pleasure."

Nice-ish to meet you

"Thanks to you"

Experience and nostalgia

Remember me in your prayers

I am your father! Pleasure!

"Come & play with me"

"Okay, now give me back my youth."

Adiós, just remember, Let your age go old, but not your heart...