Summer Flowers - Jasmin

in photofriend •  3 months ago

When the Jasmin starts to flower we know summer is just around the corner. At sundown, the first flowers always give off the most heavenly smell, I just wish they would flower all summer long!


Photo taken by @claudiaz
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Lovely photo @claudiaz.
I like the light shadows in the petals and Jasmin Tea! ;)


thanks @lady-idra much appreciated feedback!

I think the scent of jasmin is one of the most pleasant and beautiful. Rose, frankincense, sandalwood and oud are my favourites too. And apart from that lovely smell jasmin also looks beautiful.


thanks @ohmygoodness, I appreciate the feedback

Beautiful little ones.

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Jasmine is my favorite flower. it smells so good. simple and beautiful. 😊


its my favourite scent in the garden!

gorgeous flowers so beautiful


thank you so much my friend, nice of you to visit!


always a pleasure to visit

Oh man, I can just imagine the smell. Jasmine is heavenly, right up there with gardenia flowers. Wish I could smell them all the time honestly. Lovely photo, thanks for sharing!


thank you @sigilmancy, yes I agree gardenia is another lovely scent.

Summer is the best!! It's so bright and lively and the plants are at their fullest blooms!


I love it too, its the the best!