Kicking like it's 1966 - The story behind the image

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You have probably seen my photo all over the steemit photography and art community in this last week, so I think it's time for me to explain how it was made. But first I want to thank @photofeed and to all the of you who featured and resteemed my work.

Background story

I was hanging out with a friend in a local coffee shop when he showed me this awesome album art he saw online. And asked me how was it done and if its possible to do it in real life or its just photoshop. It had this magical vibe with a mysterious orange light striking through a guys head.

screenshot from Youtube

I studied the image for a while and my concussion was that is 100% created in post, but at the same time, I took it as a challenge to recreate that setup in real life, just because I am passionate about studio work. And I invited my friend over to try and recreate that picture in my DIY studio.

I must say at that point in time I was totally obsessed by Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still a track that I would suggest you listen to, on repeat, while you read the rest of my post since this is the music that inspired the look I went after while creating the photo.

The idea

We started, as most of my projects do, with a sketch. This silly stickman figure.

Problem solving

But I still had one problem > How do I light this image?!<
I needed some form of a tube of light. The solution was an old neon fixture I had in my basement that I brought in my studio and had to redo the wiring to make it work again. Strapped this to a boom-stand and problem nr 1 was solved.

The second thing is that in my DIY studio I only have a white wall, no fancy blue background. But this one I knew how to deal with. Just add some gels to my speedlights to make the whole room blue. A white wall is the best background you can have in a studio, of course, only if you know how to manipulate light. That white wall can be grey, black or any other color you can dream off.

Here you can still see the zipties on the neon fixture.

The light setup

We started shooting and experimenting with different angles, moving the lights around every few shots as I normally do on my photoshoots. I quickly realized that the light diffraction in my vintage lenses created hazy looking images and that my subject will only be represented as a silhouette so I added a bounce board on the left side and moved the neon light slightly so it won't hit my lens directly.

Camera setting and post-processing

While I work in the studio I always start at 1/250 since that is the maximum sync speed of my flashes, closed down the aperture a bit so I can have my subjects face sharp and then bumped up the ISO to compensate for this.


Lastly, I imported the image in Lightroom and started out with one of my presets and started adjusting from there on so I would get those 80's glossy paper from a magazine look I wanted and then sent it to Photoshop to fix a few skin blemishes and to add a border. Something was still missing so I looked online for an 80's font and added my signature in the bottom right corner.

Final image


Hope you enjoyed my story and this post was not too boring. But if you like my stories and photography you should also check out my last post Madness - The white rabbit.


Fucking great post. Love to see the method behind the madness :)

I was thinking it got a bit too long but I'm happy to see people actually read it. I'm better at photoshop than words

Dude yes! Thanks for posting this. Awesome how you started with that Odesza idea, then went a different direction that ended up so well!

that's what always happens I start with something and end up with something totally different
maybe you have heard about Steal Like an Artist a book by Austin Kleon

I have not.. What about it?

It's a whole book about artists and how everything we create its a remix of something we have seen before

Love it, I was wondering about the light reflected in your glasses thank you for the back story!

Honestly, neon light seems like an amazing toy to play with in a DIY studio. I think i will uae it more in my creations

Very cool!! Love this shot and it’s great to see what it took to create it

Glad you like it!

Steemit is full of amazing post, but your post is amazing AND really interesting....thanks for sharing ;)

Glad you enjoyed it so much.

This is one of the best posts I've read. Love to see the magic behind the scenes. Photography is not only shooting, it's everything behind it, from the concept, the idea, the production and post production. Great work man.

I think its the first time when I post something with that many details. If it will be well received I'll do more like this

Thanks for describing the whole process that got you to this awesome final picture! It's really interesting to read.

I did as you said and put the music on while reading: it was a perfect fit indeed! :)

I even wrote this post listening to that track, also those guys have some amazing videos full of inspiring imagery

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Nice behind the scenes post, love it!

Followed you :)