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RE: Microcosmos - the tiny creatures that surround us

in #photofeed5 years ago

These are wonderful, @osm0sis. I especially love the mask/firebug. How cool. I think the biggest contribution insects make to our world, other than being just mysteriously stunning, are their influences on art, fashion, design, etcetera. Truly mother nature at her best ! Nice post !


So true Tracy. Don't get me started on insects/animals and their influence on Haute Couture... I've seen some of the most gorgeous (and sometimes quite strange) dresses with a direct inspiration from Mother Earth's creations. Very cool indeed!
Thanks for dropping by 😊

wow would love a post on that! the african mask and firebug were really a stunning comparison!!

Actually that might be a really cool post to make. Might have to take a trip down to the zoo to get my own photos (which is not one of my favourite places), but I'll look into it.

hear ya on the zoo part, but if you do get a chance... what a kick ass post!!

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