Playing with Chouffe in Lightroom

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I was playing a bit with Lightroom, my go to image editing software at the moment, and was just clicking around a bit. Not working on the shot for publication at first but more to try a lot of functions in Lightroom. When I was working on them and exported the first one to restart the editing process I came up with the idea to make a post of the same photo but with different editing results. I know some are heavy over edited. Let me know in a comment witch one(s) you like.

Subject for this post is Chouffe.

all shots are clickable to get a full resolution shot.

So we start with the original shot without any edit done whatsoever.

Next shot is edited the way I edit most my shots before posting them here.


Now some edits that came from me playing with Lightroom, starting with a edit making it look a bit like an old photograph. No preset filters used on the following edits.


Trying color splash in Lightroom, I used to open Photoshop to do this but I found out that it's quite easy with Lightroom as well.


The next edits are the result of me playing with every slider in Lightroom until something came out I liked. Why you ask? Because it's possible :)



And I finish this play post with some B&W edits.




So that's it for now with my "extreme" editing on this Chouffe shot. Maybe I will do a similar post like this on a Micio shot in the future. Lightroom still has some sliders I didn't use for this post.

Have an awesome day!

Gear: Nikon D5500
Nikon AF-S VR 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 IF ED
Edit: Lightroom

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me
A comment or upvote is highly appreciated.

I'm with QURATOR... Are you?


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The second one is my favourite. I also like the first one of the two that are extremely edited. I like the colours in it. It’s kind of a more artistic type of colour manipulation instead of trying to make it still look natural.

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Thanks for the comment @saboin. Glad you like my default edit settings for posting photos here. And indeed those two are more an artistic experiment rather then a edited photograph.

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The way you edit every post is best and most realistic.

But the 2 every slider pics.... Wow. They really pop.

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Thank ypu so much @krazzttrukker. Glad you like my default edit result but I think I will do more posts like this with some over editing. Bit of an art project 😁

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No photo is loading with me. Connection too slow. I will try it later again. 💕

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And have you seen the shots? I had multiple "problems" with uploading photo's on the platform yesterday with esteem or busy, partiko wouldn't update the comments. Now all seems ok again.

The day before yesterday Partiko quiet updating now it works fine. Noticed the partiko slider shows your voting power now too.

Can see them now.
Love the 2nd, 3rd and last one black and white.
Beautiful cat 😍💕

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All of these photos are interesting, but my favorite is probably the first edited (not the original) photo.
The first edited photo looks bright and sharp with good colors and tones.
Probably the most pleasant to the eye from this blog post.

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