The view at night on the peninsula

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The evening time is something quite different when you are close to the antarctic circle during the summer months. The nights are incredibly short with sunsets typically occurring late in the evening, around 11pm or even later. If you are up late enough to witness the colours of sunset then you are usually greeted by an amazing onset of colours hitting the snowy peaks that surround the coastal region of the peninsula.

However, for me personally it can be a tad difficult to stay up to that time of day to watch such beautiful moments, as I am usually up and at 'work' at 545am everyday, work the entire day and after a month of doing that without a day off it does get more challenging to remain awake till the Antarctic sunset. Honestly, though it is always worth attempting to stay up to that time some days. Especially, if the weather looks like the colours might light up the cascading snowy mountains.

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i'm sure thomas the best reward is that you can see this


too true. I only take photos half the time im down there


That it is down there!