i really need to learn photoshop ^^

in photofeed •  15 days ago

Caught this fabulunormus trees, i love their tones and textures, a joy for the eye :D Looks like a garding twin pair :D BUUUT then the icky nasty yellow building behind, i circled around like a gazzillion times, to get the trees sun-show juust right & get the building OF camera, or any lampposts, cars or what effer other what nots.. As you see,... i failed.. utterlYy.. sigh... grrrr.. HmFf

Always speak politely to an enraged dragon..
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

CameraCanon EOS 77D
Location Sweden; somewere
OwnerAll Rights reserved,original content by @swedishdragon

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Like this shot. Yes, Photoshop can do some amazing post-production magic. Very handy tool. If cost is issue preventing you from jumping in, "Gimp" software package is open source and can do pretty much everything that PS can do. Interface is very similar for learning transition later as well.


Hi hun, so nice to see you again :D aw no noo cost is NOT the issue, its the -omG i dont understand this issue ;) if i cant understand the basics struckture, i cant focuse & i just get upset.. & add i have a attention spann of a 3 year-old ;) LOL aaand hate not being FAB at stuff i do ;)
il look into gimp, tnx :D


Yes, Gimp is much more user friendly. I have both and use it more often just because PS has gotten so complex and hard to find the basic tools I use everyday. Would be a great shot to use the "magic wand" to select the building color and easily change it to maybe a nice purple hot pink or other to just play around.

I would not consider that shot a failure! Those trees are amazing.

I know what you mean but I must say this shot is awesome just as it is

Hahahah.... I LOVE the yellow building. This shot is wonderful!


;) lol
Aw thanks , i do still think it would be better IF i edited:P

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I suck at photoshop too...


its you & me here in the sidelines lol