[PHOTO] Taking pictures through dirty train windows #18

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Somewhere around this point on a train ride from Glasgow to Mallaig a well-equipped woman (you know, good shoes, serious looking backpack) got out of the train. I remember being mesmerized: this place truly seemed like the middle of nowhere. There was a train stop, but surrounding the train stop was more of nothing' I mean: normally train stops are surrounded by a few roads, houses, most of the time a town or in the middle of a city.

Not this stop.

The surroundings of the train stop looked the same as in this photo.


I wondered what she was looking for here, and our train started driving again. We ended up in fisher's town Mallaig, where we had about 2 hours for a great lunch (fresh fish!), a tiny walk in the small town, just to take the train back and enjoy the ride again, this time with different light, in a different direction, with a few other passengers.

Back to 'the stop' I noticed the woman entering the train again.

She had changed:

  • She wore a coat, which was a bit wet
  • Her hair was all messed up,
  • She seemed totally relaxed, grabbed a book, didn't seem to notice anything other then her seat and her book.

Our days were different from each other only by a few small decisions. Same trains, same carriage, different stops, a different walk, and therefore a different story and adventure.

There's no real point I feel I want to make. Just writing down the observation of people being so often attracted to the same, in the meanwhile being so different as well. Which is why a 100 people being on the same train at the same time would tell a 100 different stories.

Complete 'through a dirty train windows' series:

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I loved it and I call this creation! thank you for the tip because literally I did not know one could take such clear photos through the window with dirt and probably with the train on a high speed!

The view looks similar to the western United States...Colorado/Utah/Nevada.

Awesome pic.

Interesting story about that lady and train stop @soyrosa. You are absolutly right that everyone is different even two sisters or brothers could have different liking and dislikings. Thanks for sharing about a different train stop with a nice picture.

It does look very desolate there! People-watching can be really interesting, huh?