[PHOTO] Repetition and Reflection in Windows

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I'm still very much searching how best to use my Lensbaby on my iPhone. I look through my shots from yesterday and a lot of them simply don't work. I noticed what works well is shooting a pattern, like in these windows. The effect of the Lensbaby basically captures one strong part of the pattern and 'blurs' the rest of the pattern around it.

I suspect this somehow provides a calming end result: our brain understands what's behind the 'blur', while we can admire and analyze that one isolated piece in the picture.

Just some first thoughts on why I find some shots work while others don't. Look at example 1 and example 2 from earlier this week to compare with.


I like this shot because the pattern is pretty much perfect: the blurring lines are very symmetrical, left and right from the center. There are some reflections of the houses opposite of these windows reflected in the middle part and I tried to tilt the camera in such a way as much of those houses were visible in the shot.

Tomorrow I will post a few shots of a famous landmark in Rotterdam. I'm editing them now but was not ready to post them because I had an itch in my brain. Maybe I'm not sure yet if I like the result on this subject. Maybe I need to sleep a few hours to feel sure :-) Maybe I wake up tomorrow and feel regret I promised to post them...

To be continued

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it is making to much blur for my taste.
if i find that kind of rubber i would probably try to make this :D


Well, yes, this Lensbaby is not subtle at all and certainly not on an iPhone with limited chip :D But that Helios Set Up looks kind of amazing! Let me know if you find that rubber :')

Wow, love it so much that blur it's amazing!


Thank you @paulavg! :-)

Beautiful photo! I love how the out of focus lines on the side act like leading lines bringing the eye to the center. Way to turn a building into art! :)


Thanks a lot @mrchef111! :D It's still just experiments, but I like this one myself :-)


You are very welcome! I love experimenting! :) You experimenting is definitely working....lol keep it up! ;)

I like it! And I think you're right about patterns. I really like the first one of example 1 as well.
Would be could to see how this would look with a wedding couple :D (I'm a wedding photographer)


Thanks a lot @artwithflo! :-) Well, if you're a wedding photographer you could certainly score some points with super nice bokeh / blur / effects! A distinctive portfolio attracts a lot of people I'm sure :D


Yeah I'm sure it would! I just don't want to attract people anymore ;) After five years of wedding photography we've had enough and we are shooting less and less weddings.

Trippy and artsy shot, my friend! Love the symmetry, and the balance of blur and clarity. :)

I'm really enjoying this style of shot from you. Its so unique and energetic, and despite the abstract nature of it, I can still recognise the dutch architectural style in the window.