Share my world: Midway, Utah

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One of my favorite things about Steemit is the being able to see far way countries and places like the Netherlands (@r00sj3 and @soyrosa), Australia (@jayclar30 and @kieranstone) and Venezuela (@gabyoraa and @themonkeyzuelans) through the eyes of people that I have interacted with on Steemit.

I am going to start a new series called Share my world:

We are starting with the small town (about 5,000 people) of Midway, Utah

I went to school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah which is 30 minutes from Midway. Midway is also not too far away from Park City, Utah, a great ski town (2002 Olympics) and host of the Sundance Film Festival.

Here are some pictures of the outskirts of Midway. It is a beautiful farming/ mountain town known for Swiss Days.

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I went to Midway, Utah for a work conference which was held at the Zermatt. Thank you to the planning committee for picking cities like Midway, Utah and Jackson, Wyoming to be the host cities! I love going to the mountains.


I don't think I'd ever leave my town if that was my view.... gorgeous!

This looks like my kind of country (on your side of the world) : ) I love the green open spaces with the wonderful rolling hills! <3 I look forward to seeing more!!

Thanks Kristi, I am excited about the idea of showing the US in a more intimate way.

Your picture is very beautiful and its description is very good, of course you are very good, thank you for sharing

The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.

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