The winner is: Close up on the island!

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Hi there Steemians!

I think it will be a new type of my posts - the composition talk, where I will present some different looks at the same scene, and after the comments and opinions from You - I will place the winner in a separate post with little more information about the picture itself.

This time - the winner was close look at a distant small island with foggy hills in back and nice morning light.

Jonsvatnet lake is amazing place, very well accesible because there is a road around the lake, not far from it shores, sometimes as close as few meters from the water.
Several smaller and bigger islands, interesting shore line, surrounded by forests, meadows, some villages and mountains.
The water is fantastic - always crystal clear, always cold and transparent like a glass.
Great spot for fishing trips as well as photographic ones!

And it is only 5 minutes drive by car from my place...


Heavenly island

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Settings200mm | ISO100 | f13 | 1/60sec
GearCanon 6D + Canon 70-300mm + UV filter
LocationJonsvatent, Trondheim, Norway

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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What a delight. Resteemed.


Nice, I am happy You liked it!!