Photographing the Seychelles - Secret Beach

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The last article was less about photography and focussed more on the exploration and scouting part of travelling. Sometimes it's nice to head out without the intention to take a photo. But I saw so many beautiful places that day. So the next morning I went out again to do some landscape photography.

Two hours before sunrise I set out and hiked back to the first beach I had discovered the day before. As I arrived it was still quite dark but the full moon provided enough light for me to find a composition. Had it been any darker I would have been in trouble, because I had totally forgotten to check for specific vantage points the day before. And in the pre-dawn darkness it can often be quite hard to find a composition.

A blue starry sky over a secluded cove on Mahe

In the end it worked out and the photo I took that morning with the stars still above is one of my favorite photos of the whole Seychelles trip. It doesn't always have to be a colorful, glowing sky. When I want to capture the mood of a scene a deep blue sky can sometimes be exactly what I need in the photo. The morning was beautifully calm. There was no wind at all and even with exposures of 15 seconds and more the palm trees in the photo didn't move an inch.

After photographing the coast I went on to another composition, which is also featured in the video below.

This was the last vlog from the Seychelles. I hope you liked this little series. From now on I will focus more on photographing Germany again until later the year I'll travel to some more exotic places again. So stay tuned for that and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Michael Breitung Photography

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Great photo of great place :)
Thanks for sharing...

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